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Protecting the health of production personnel requires a robust approach to disease prevention, testing, and containment.  Our team of doctors, scientists, and healthcare experts will partner with you to implement a robust disease management program, including screening, testing, and reporting through a single digital platform.


Deploy an end-to-end testing program, including screening, testing, and reporting through our secure, HIPPA-compliant online portal.

  • On-Site Testing: A dedicated, well-trained team of Senneca Dx healthcare professionals will manage all aspects of on-site testing.  Our staff deliver testing samples to nearby labs or conduct rapid testing, as needed.
  • Concierge Service: A Senneca Dx healthcare professional with extensive training will travel to cast and crew members for testing, when necessary.
  • Timely Results: Lab test results are available within 12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours, based on your needs.  Our CLIA-certified laboratories follow the highest-quality standards using best-in-class tests to deliver results you can trust. 
  • Secure Online Portal: Schedule on-site testing and review test results with our easy-to-use, customizable online portal

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Compliance Team Oversight

Review your current staffing plan, support hiring new staff as needed, and supervise your COVID-19 compliance team. 

  • Personnel Assessment: Ensure your compliance team is adequately staffed and personnel are qualified and trained to perform their roles.
  • Recruitment: Find qualified applicants, screen applicants, and provide hiring recommendations. 

Comprehensive Assessment

Complete a comprehensive assessment of your current processes, systems, and policies; and provide regular updates as new, credible information becomes available.

  • Technology: Review efficacy of current and emerging technologies used for infection prevention, detection, and containment..
  • COVID-19 Variants: Assess impact of variants on your infection prevention, detection, and containment strategies.
  • Policies: Ensure company policies incorporate the latest local, state, and federal guidelines. 

Risk Analysis

Provide case-by-case assessment of the potential business impact of scheduling decisions and protocol exceptions involving key personnel. . 

  • Clinical History: Ensure Review clinical and testing history of the individual; and assess the risk of exposure to the individual or other personnel.
  • Business Impact: Balance the risk of exposure and the potential business impact of a scheduling decision or protocol exception.
  • Guidance: Recommend a course of action that accounts for business impact and adheres to industry and regulatory guidelines.  

Infection Prevention

Recommend systems and practices, to minimize the risk of infection exposure, and provide ongoing compliance monitoring and personnel education.

  • Environment Control: Recommendations for air movement and filtration systems, sanitation materials and practices, and people movement.
  • Protocol Compliance: Monitor on-site safety protocol and procedure compliance. 
  • Education: Provide ongoing education to onsite personnel. 

Spread Containment

Provide contact monitoring and tracing to contain the spread of infection when positive test results are reported, and communicate with employees who test positive. 

  • Contact Monitoring: : Monitor prolonged physical contact between groups on-set.
  • Contact Tracing: Identify close contact with individuals who have tested positive.
  • Employee Relations: Contact employees who test positive, and provide clinical and company protocols to prevent further spread.  

Your employees deserve the best tests available.

The tests we use are among the highest performing options on the market for detecting active SARS-CoV-2 infection as well as the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.  Senneca Dx partners only with CLIA-certified 3 laboratories that offer best-in-class assays that detect the virus at low levels.  Our labs are fully compliant with the FDA’s EUA requirements to ensure the highest quality results.


Viral tests determine whether a person has an active COVID-19 infection. We use best-in-class assays that can detect the virus at very low levels in the body. Assays with low limits of detection are more likely to catch infected individuals than assays with higher limits. 


Serology antibody tests determine whether a person has recently had a COVID-19 infection. Serologic tests look for the presence of antibodies in a blood sample. These tests should not be used to determine immunity status.


  • Assays: Hologic Aptima and Roche
  • Limit of Detection: 46 copies/mL – 150 copies/mL
  • Sensitivity (PPA): 100%
  • Specificity (NPA): 100%
  • Sample Type: Nasal swab
  • Time to Result: 12, 24, or 48 hours
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IgG Serology Antibody

  • Assays: DiaSorin (IgM and IgG), Beckman Coulter (IgG), Siemens and DiaSorin (IgM, IgG and Total) 
  • Sensitivity (PPA): 97.6% 
  • Specificity (NPA): 99.3%
  • Sample Type: blood draw
  • Time to result: 24 – 72 hours
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Rapid PCR

  • Assay: Mesa Biotech Accula
  • Limit of Detection: 150 copies/mL
  • Sensitivity (PPA): 95.8% -100%
  • Specificity (NPA): 100%
  • Sample Type: Nasal swab
  • Time to Result: 45 minutes
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IgG Serology Antibody

Coming soon!

The CDC advises against using serology antibody tests to determine immunity. We are developing an antibody assay that will offer a more complete assessment of an individual’s immunity status.