Senneca Dx Portal


Keeping your employees safe includes protecting their privacy.

Our secure HIPAA-compliant portal empowers employers, employees, physicians, healthcare professionals, and laboratories to safely exchange crucial information. Providing one platform for the entire testing ecosystem minimizes exposure to security threats while streamlining sample collection, processing, and reporting.

Employer Dashboard

Companies oversee their testing programs in one place: 

  • Invite employees to register online
  • Schedule on-site employee testing events
  • View customizable workforce reports
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Employee Dashboard

Employees manage their testing experience with a single tool:

  • Complete online registration
  • Schedule and view test appointments
  • View test results
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Physician Dashboard

Physicians will have one secure location wherein they can:

  • Provide test prescriptions
  • Receive test results
  • Document patient information

Healthcare Professional Dashboard

On-site sample collection staff automate their workflow:

  • Check-in new arrivals for testing
  • Generate lab requisition forms
  • Scan sample barcodes to ensure proper matching

Lab Technician Dashboard

On-site rapid testing staff streamline analysis and reporting:

  • View the testing schedule
  • Prioritize time-sensitive test requests
  • Instantly transmit results to physician for review and release
  • For CLIA labs, the portal integrates seamlessly with their lab software

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If you are a part of a business-sponsored testing program, your dedicated portal link has been provided to you.  Please contact your employer or program sponsor for access.